Visual IQ: Delivering Audience-Driven Marketing Intelligence

November 2017

As per Google Trends, the number of searches for the term ‘digital marketing analytics’ has witnessed a sharp rise in the last few years, indicating the void being filled between digital marketing and analytics. In essence, digital practitioners

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Table of Contents


National Geographic: A Wealth of Experiences

Jill Cress, CMO & EVP, National Geographic Partners


Training as Agile as Technology: A Business Requirement

Milind Gurjar, Sr. Director & GM, Cisco [NASDAQ:CSCO]


Leveraging Technology to Enhance Guest Experience

Kathy Tan Mayor, SVP & CMO, Carnival Cruise Line


The Data Connection: Experiential Marketing and ROI

Scott Kellner, VP of Marketing, George P. Johnson


That Person Responding… is Not a Person Anymore!

Bennet James Bayer, Technologist, Board Advisor, Former Global CMO & VP Strategy with Huawei, Stealth Mode Startup Company


Revolutionizing Customer Relationships through Chatbots

Mamie Peers, VP of Digital Marketing, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas


You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Douglas Turk, CMO, JLT Group [LSE:JLT]


Five Things I Wish Marketing Technology Vendors Understood

Stacey Sayer, Global Head, Social & Digital Media, Advanced Energy [NASDAQ:AEIS]

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