4 Ways to Readily Boost Social Media Traffic to Brand Website

By Marketing Tech Outlook | Monday, July 01, 2019

Social Media TrafficTaking extra steps to make sure the website is social media-friendly is vital for any modern brand to stay competitive.

FREMONT, CA: Majority of business owners who use social media consider it essential for their business. Social media can help the company build brand recognition, foster a community around the brand, and grow the bottom line. With the number of global social media users expected to hit 2.5 billion this year, according to reports, there will be no better way for brands to find and connect with their ideal audience. Following are a few ways to maximize social media traffic to a brand website.

•  Choosing the Right Social Media Channel

When selecting the social media channels, the brand should make sure the chosen one is aligned with their business objectives. Measurable objectives can be created by using smart strategies made with the help of demographics data including location, age, gender, income, religion, ethnicity, education level, and many others to find particular buyer personas and their favorite channels.

• Ensuring that the Content Looks Good on Social

There's an additional step which enables users to share brand's content - for which brands must make sure the content looks inviting. It is so crucial to take the time to ensure that when someone attempts to share the content, it looks good. Brands can use super-clickable headlines and attention-grabbing images which fit the proper dimensions of each network. Also, make it simple for users to share by adding a share button to any content a brand produces.

• Add Click-to-Tweets  and Enabling Comments

Click-to-tweet is a tool which enables to handcraft tweets featuring little snippets from a piece of content such as a critical line or a great quote, which makes it easy for readers to post great tweets. Enabling comments on content enables users to interact with brands directly from the site.

• Having a Social Login

If a brand wants its website to go full-on social,  incorporating a social login can increase membership and participation in the website. Giving people benefits for joining the website through their social media accounts is a necessary step. It is a great way to gather visitor data and boost awareness for the brand's social presence.

Always keep social traffic in mind, and stay up to date with the latest trends and shifts to maximize business opportunities.

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