AR is the Future of Mobile Marketing

By Marketing Tech Outlook | Monday, August 12, 2019

Mobile MarketingAR is augmenting brand value among the audiences with more lively ads and adding the fun factor.

FREMONT, CA: Businesses are using augmented reality (AR) in innovative ways to gain an edge over the traditional ads. Many are also eyeing mobile phones as a platform to reach their targeted audience. Here are the ways in which brands are using AR in marketing for brand awareness and for boosting their sales:

More Lively Ads

Live advertisements will be one of the most popular AR implementations primarily because it is cost-effective, simple, and utilize existing assets. Various brands have launched with interactive objects and videos to provide real-world interactions. The cost-effective and simplicity factor adds up to gain more in-depth brand recall and higher ROI on print investments. Brands such as Starbucks, Heinz, AMC are some among the many who are exploring prints enablements.

Adding the Gaming Factor

AR is meant to engage the users. Brands and companies are making games to interact more with the user. Several brands have adopted the game strategy and are getting returns. For instance, Google announced in an event in 2018 that it will be adding an assistant dog in its AR mode in Mops to locate places a user would like to go. In line with the idea of AR games, tour guide apps can provide a virtual assistant to navigate through various places on top of already available AR inspired notes.

Ease of Tryouts

AR try-on solutions will enable the users with an instant experience of the product. Consumers will prefer AI try-on than the free returns provided by a brand. For instance, IKEA seamlessly maps their furniture to their user's homes, which eliminates the need to assume whether something will work or not.

Virtual trial of products is convenient, cost-effective, without any chance for inventory damage. With instant trial option and the easy to visualize space, AR is set to transform the user experience.

Product and Packaging Augmentation

AR is enabling everything, whether it's a cereal box or a machine to be augmented. Even the product can be augmented for troubleshooting, assembling, training, usage, and much more. For instance, GM and Nestle are a few of many brands that have incorporated AR on their cereal boxes. Interactive contents create a deeper connection with the customers while also adding to the cause of increased brand loyalty.

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