Ascend: Enabling Faster Customer Communications

By Marketing Tech Outlook | Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Businesses’ expectations to gain more profits have increased with the implementation of advanced technologies. Companies use the Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) to manage and analyze customer communications and data through the customer’s lifecycle. It always has the objective of improving business relations with customers. CRM helps a company drive sales and increase the retention of customers.

A powerful, small business-oriented CRM solution does all of this on one platform to keep the business connected with minimal involvement in IT. Unfortunately, many small businesses believe that CRM is too expensive or time-consuming. Integrating a website-based CRM system and then creating a website that already incorporates these integrations will significantly reduce the system’s cost. This will involve large numbers of small businesses and give a clear idea to businesses that the investment is affordable for the CRM system. Wix created a new suite of products called Ascend by using this idea.

Wix is a company known as a small business manufacturer of drag-and-drop web design tools. The company has also expanded to include CRM tools in its services. Ascend app enables solopreneurs, and small business owners to connect easily with customers. Ascend will leverage user-collected information as they visit a Wix-developed website and allow a company to use that data to nurture that prospect better.

Users can promote their sites, manage channel-wide customer interactions, run professional marketing campaigns, and capture leads. Ascend includes of a chat-centered interface that enables real-time customer interactions and the ability to respond automatically to queries. The app also has intuitive SEO tools and the ability to generate unique content to engage customers through social media channels.

Wix is adopted by some 115 million customers around the world to design their websites and manage their online business. It is designed to meet the needs of individual website owners and small and medium-sized businesses seeking to create attractive and responsive websites.

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