Best Practices for Enhancing Mobile Experience

By Marketing Tech Outlook | Thursday, February 14, 2019

Mobile Experience

Mobile devices are used widely in the day to day lives giving the freedom to communicate anywhere at any time. The increasing degree of mobile use presents myriad opportunities for brands to engage with the user and built loyalty. But brands making fundamental mistakes limit the effectiveness of their content and negatively impacts brand user relationship. For brands to maximize return on investment, they must strategically tackle the challenges of mobile devices. They can dramatically improve the mobile experience by deploying the following guidelines which in effect will build a long term relationship with the end user.

To establish trust between brands and end users advertisers must make the mobile experience user-friendly. Ensuring that the content is designed for the device on which it will be viewed is a critical process in this. Material intended for a mobile screen should be optimized for a vertical, smaller screen. Brands have a habit of converting large, horizontal screen for mobile use which cannot be appreciated. 

Mobile devices have an advantage in functionality that cannot be matched with other forms of feature and brands would make use of these tools. They have the potential to design an immersive brand experience out of videos, augmented reality, store locators for the end users. These expanded functionalities enable brands to allow the user to tailor their interaction with them. 360-degree product viewers are one particularly promising asset for increased engagement. The interactive visualizations can provide a novel avenue for users to learn about a brand and its product and services. Insisting these type of content could be a critical factor in increasing the number of time users spend interacting with the brand which means improved return on investment.

The mobile use is on the rise, but a mobile user's attention span is not increasing. Therefore to ensure an impactful message and satisfied end-user brands must create contents optimized for the viewing experience. Condensing a message as short and persuading as possible can turn to success. Also, ensure that the video content always begins with the brand's logo or name which can guarantee a connection between the brand and end user.

Getting mobile experience right is challenging, but ultimately it is rewarding.

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