Email Innovation and its Implications for Email Service Providers

By Marketing Tech Outlook | Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Emails are reaching into an era of innovation. The recent acquisitions of Marketo by Adobe, Rebel by Salesforce, and Sendgrid by Twilio has provided circumstantial evidence that email-led innovation is at its peak. The email service providers have acknowledged that it is a worthy investment channel which is capable of substantial revenue generation. The standard competition has propelled the leading email service providers to invest in innovation methodology to stay relevant in the market.

Email today serves a larger purpose than to send messages from point A to point B. The primary email address acts as a consumer identifier better than the cookies. It has moved ahead of the conventional marketing. This service helps companies to identify a consumer while making its marketing and advertisement strategies. Sendgrid, Rebel, and Marketo grew beyond the classic definition of email service providers. They put their innovative skill to redefine email and its capabilities. Sendgrid partnered with companies like Uber, Spotify, and Glassdoor who wanted to move away from the traditional ESPs to seek an innovative email service. Rebel allowed its customers to purchase an item from their inbox only. Marketo is credited for providing measures to improve marketing automation which accelerated B2B email communication. Many other email service providers have pushed the limits of email. LiveRamp provides monetization services. Movable Ink and Liveclicker provides an interactive messaging service. Companies like Litmus and Email on Acid moved towards email designing; BriteVerify and Kickbox provide validation services. ESPs like Rasee and Persado have aimed their services towards processing of advanced languages like machine learning and natural language processing.

Expanding the innovation arc has borne fruitful results for many ESPs. The email service providers should ensure that they keep up with the innovation in this sector and keep inventing new ways to stay ahead of the competition.

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