Fastbase to Transform Digital Marketing and Lead Generation with its New CRM Sytem

By Marketing Tech Outlook | Monday, April 29, 2019

Fastbase is expecting to set new standards in the world of digital marketing and lead generation with the launch of most powerful CRM software. This version of the new CRM system which is freely available to all 50 million Google Analytics users will be released in the summer of 2019.

The visitor data and web leads generated from Google Analytics add-on will automatically feed into the user’s CRM system. By saving businesses’ time with follow up and sales, the new CRM system will feature capabilities for managing leads as well as built in features for both assessing and predicting the best leads, which means it will display the most relevant leads for business regardless of industry and location. The built-in data from Google Analytics and advanced algorithms assist in predicting the best points for businesses.

Fastbase’s new CRM system will help CMOs to automate inbound marketing and sales prospecting tasks from one central platform. Updates regarding the CRM system will be unveiled in June 2019.

Fastbase’s extensive portfolio of digital products is easy-to-use and implement and have transformed B2B sales and marketing strategies, enabling businesses to touch their online leads instantly. With entry to billions of Google searches and its ongoing analysis of digital footprints, the company will continue to offer Google Analytics users with valuable data to discover new leads and engage audiences to grow their business.  Its popular add-on fuels Fastbase's success story to Google Analytics that can identify website visitors and provide businesses with powerful insights into their website users' behavior.  

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