Futuristic Approach to Cost-effective Video Marketing

By Marketing Tech Outlook | Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Marketers progressively need to concentrate on YouTube, Facebook, and, now, CTV in a video-dominated world—the networks that dominate video. They need to approach their video campaigns in a unified manner versus today's traditional video marketing silos.

FREMONT, CA: Everyone in the advertising sector is well conscious of the cash spent on digital video marketing: eMarketer estimates that in 2019 an estimated $36 billion will be spent on digital video. This huge expenditure increase is in reaction to the fast rise in digital video usage—with Cisco predicting that more than 80 percent of web users will be video in 2020. So where will all this expenditure go?

Today, many brands and organizations are established in teams segmented by platform versus marketing media. There may be a team operating YouTube campaigns and a distinct team running Connected TV campaigns from Facebook/Instagram and sometimes a third media team. While these teams sometimes overlap, they often operate as very distinct independent units without a centralized optimization or evaluation approach. While it makes sense to run a Facebook display campaign separately from a YouTube campaign, it is inefficient to have multiple groups run video campaigns that don't always speak to each other.

As it currently exists, it is hard to run unified campaigns across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Connected TV. The challenge arises not only from the structure of the siloed team, but because campaign executives have to log in, purchase and demand reports for each significant platform through individual indigenous marketplaces. Self-service platforms that provide a single, simple entry point to purchase across main video platforms will be the long-term solution. In the brief term, industrious brands and organizations need to ensure that they have a centralized manner of planning and reporting on multi-platform video campaigns, even if distinct instruments are used to execute them.

Digital video marketing is no longer a novelty-it is the most significant marketer approach in the centuries to come.  Success in the new digital battlefield is a must to do away with silos and deploy seamless cross-platform campaigns.

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