Infusing Tech into Non-Tech Startups Gradually

By Marketing Tech Outlook | Wednesday, May 29, 2019

FREMONT, CA: The steps to infuse technology into a non-tech startup can be carried out gradually. The best course of action is:

1. Ideation Phase: Purely Marketing and Product Placement

Ventures at the ideation phase usually start with a basic tech plan for gathering information about target customers and marketing the product accordingly. A purely informational website marketing and awareness creation, which is run manually, will suffice to collect and record data.

 2. Initial Phase: Laying a Strong Foundation

In the initial phase, the numbers of customers are few, and the growth is slow but steady, money starts to flow in, and it is the right time to understand the basics of business.

Hence, the focus should be on providing customers what they request from the business in the best manner possible. At this stage, all informational website is a preferred choice. Although, it is best if more content is added in the form of testimonials. For better sync internally, popular collaboration tools are used.

3. Growth Phase: Integration of Technology

Rapid growth is identified in the company, as the target market is recognized. This phase is where the demand for an upgrade in the technology is observed. The website should be dynamic to suit the evolving needs of the customer. All the tech energy needs to be directed to reduce the most stressful processes for customers in the system. The phase will encourage business to streamline the right clientele, and focus more on that group, integrate sales and operations with a rock solid CRM pack. This process will not only automate operations but also extracts customer and industry related data.

4. Scale Phase: Adjusting with Hyper-Growth

When the company reaches a stage where steep growth, it indicates the need for automation in all processes. In most cases, startups possess their designated sectors, which require more customization than the incumbent enterprise. A tech team for the company needs to be formed to build the CRM and internal integration software according to the specifics of the business. Sometimes, the already placed software can be integrated with the newly built management systems of the company.

Gradually incorporating tech into the business has been more fruitful for many companies all over the world. A calculated approach, coupled with constant monitoring, and open communication with employees and other stakeholders, is a guaranteed method to accomplish goals.   

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