Mobile Marketing Software for Enhanced Customer Engagement

By Marketing Tech Outlook | Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Amidst this rapidly changing scenario, the game of marketing has become tighter due to the advent of technology due to the ever-increasing customer demand to have personalized treatment. To meet this criterion, a large section of marketers has grown tremendous interest in mobile marketing. According to Statista, retail, financial services, automotive, and telecommunication invest a large amount on mobile advertising, and by 2020, $13.5 billion is anticipated to be spent on mobile video internet advertising.


G2 Crowd’s 2019 Winter Grid Report has recently verified EZ Texting as the leader of the mobile marketing software depending on the users' 'likely to recommend' reviews and EZ Texting received the highest number of positive reviews. G2 Crowd provides a platform where business professionals, buyers, and analysts can choose the best software in a certain field.

In this competitive age, business communication holds immense importance, and EZ Texting provides solutions to transform the way their clients deal with their customers. The company helps to enhance interaction with customers through SMS and ensures customer engagement. Text messaging marketing is an essential weapon to the retailers as it is cost-effective and reaches the targeted audience escaping complexity.


Today, the number of mobile device users has been increased by leaps and bounds, and people like to spend a considerable amount of time on such devices every day. Hence, mobile marketing has provided marketers with the chance to reach a large number of people within a restricted time and budget.

Proximity marketing is another important aspect of mobile marketing. Traditional procedures like an ad on a TV channel or pamphlet are appealing, but they are unable to drive a large section of the audience to the store. This type of marketing offers a more personalized way to reach the customers offering the owners a chance to attract people passing within a certain distance of their shop. Location-based marketing which leverages the GPS network to discover nearby customers is another essential way-out to change the conventional ways. It is important for enterprises to leverage mobile marketing as it provides the marketers with an improved opportunity to ensure customer engagement with their business which plays a vital role in the further expansion of their business.

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