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By Marketing Tech Outlook | Monday, June 17, 2019

FREMONT, CA: The HR technology industry is providing a growing number of ground-breaking solutions revolving around “learning by doing.” Unluckily, the majority of learning and development (L&D) experts are still delivering “pit-stop” leadership growth programs. In spite of the high accessibility of new HR technologies, many L&D professionals find it hard to see them as very trustworthy elements of their strategies. This acuity is usually driven by a consolidated and deep-rooted learning mindset―what is referred to as the “pit-stop learning.”

In this way, even inventive approaches rotating around realistic learning are pushed in the region of the alleged knowledge-transfer. The methodology is that of trying to gratify the last requirement with a “surgical injection of innovation” into a previously calculated program. The most efficient method, instead, is to debunk the perspective and think in provisions of developing the learning programs into opportunities.

After carrying out a comprehensive set of surveys and interviews with the L&D experts focusing on the topic, three main limitations of digital role play (DRP) techniques perceived by the industry actors can be unearthed, and they are:

•  Inconstancy in employment (logistic and economic sustainability): trainers at disposal cannot always conduct the sessions.
•  Fear of being judged: when role plays are delivered in real-life, someone can feel sore in being observed and assessed.
•  Short-time activities: role play is an occasional phenomenon and there is not always the chance to create a structured path toward self-development.

Digital technologies are there to support by providing a category of solutions called DRP methodology that functions by overcoming the aforementioned limitations. DRP is a digital tool, based on AI, designed to support a coaching or learning strategy and can sustain an accurate growth of behavior through time.

Benefits of DRP tools in L&D:

•  The sustainable and reliable opportunity for practical training.
•  Scalability of approach where everyone deserves the opportunity to improve.
•  Objective behavioral metrics to make the development path.
•  Empowering through an in-depth review of the conversations.
•  Creation of a safe environment to practice and experiment on leadership styles without emotional interference.

DPR generates a positive evolution on the impact of role-play techniques in L&D. DRP data originating from constant practice are used to adjust objectives and scopes of all the other programs such as group coaching and class training.

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