Redefining the Advertising Market with Digital Platforms

By Marketing Tech Outlook | Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Using the proper platform to advertise is very important for the growth of a business. The platform or strategy enables the marketer to address the right audience. Microsoft and Verizon media have recently decided to partner to help the marketers to reach the proper audience. This deal will provide the marketers with a single global platform to reach the targeted audience.

Microsoft plays an important role in the field of technological advancement, and has recently announced an increase in revenue by 12 percent. The revenue for office commercial products and cloud services was increased by 11 percent. This growth points toward the growing popularity of these products. Its voice assistant Cortana has touched new heights in the field of AI. Cortana performs several tasks, from paying bills to ordering a pizza.  Microsoft has brought a change in the whole concept of home computing. It has an ad monetization platform. It enables the enterprises the chance to increase revenue by putting ads on Universal Windows Platform (UWP). It uses Microsoft Advertising SDK. The company has now initiated an ad partnership with Verizon Media and vehicle partnership with LG.

Verizon media is an essential part of Verizon Communication. It acquired Yahoo’s operating business and made an amalgamation of these two. Verizon’s Uplynk Video Streaming service provides with one of the easiest ways to stream videos. Its monitoring service is a web-based solution that monitors broadcast service and reports anomalies.

The recent collaboration between Verizon and Microsoft will enable marketers to control search advertisement. It will offer them a deep sense about the audience. An amalgamation of Microsoft Graph and Microsoft AI will facilitate this process. These two companies will make an extension of this relationship and will ensure access to Outlook, Xbox, and MSN. Verizon’s clients will be able to access these platforms to enhance their performance. This partnership is revolutionary in the true sense of the term as it will provide a more systematic platform for advertisement.

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