Technology Revamping Philanthropy

By Marketing Tech Outlook | Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Technology has left no industry untouched. Although is less talked about in the field of non-profit organizations, it is revolutionizing philanthropy.

FREMONT, CA: The real of philanthropy may appears to be very distant from the ongoing technological revolutions but technology is gradually imparting many tools which are helping the philanthropic organizations raise their levels and do better service. Technology is successfully removing logistical barriers that come up in charity. The cost of technologies which made them unaffordable is also coming down, allowing organizations to adopt them without burdening themselves. A few ways in which technologies have impacted the non-profit sector are discussed in this write-up.

•  Increased Convenience

Technological advancement and the popularity of the internet have ensured that charity is not limited to a specific section of society anymore. These days, anybody can donate any amount of money from anywhere. The convenience associated with financial transactions has increased the number of donations significantly. Also, the option of anonymity that many prefer is easy when one donates over the internet.

•  Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding as a means of accumulating funds for charity began in the early 2000s. Since then, it has proved to be one of the best ways of getting help for causes from small donors. With technology playing its part, crowdfunding has now become a tool that many individuals use to garner help for the causes they want to support. By setting up a page on one of the many crowdfunding websites, anyone can take up philanthropy. 

•  Better Awareness and Accountability

Previously, donors had no way of knowing how the amount they donated for a cause gets used. Technology permits that facility these days. People know exactly what they are donating for and how where their money goes. Even charity organizations can track their funds better with financial management tools. With better engagement, charity organizations can expect better responses to their programs and enable them to offer help faster.

•  Social Media as a Medium

Social media usage is so widespread now that it can help raise issues and generate support within hours. There have been many instances where people or communities in need have reached out for help on popular social media platforms and received help in abundance. The support is timely and effective.

Technology has a broad scope of application in many humanitarian causes. Identifying and allocating resources for it is essential to relish its use in philanthropy.

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