Technology Trends Influencing Buying decisions

By Marketing Tech Outlook | Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Buying decisionsFor numerous industries this year, it has been a relatively positive start, although probable foreign trade policy and tariff changes are bound to shake things up. However, the industrial marketers of today have many other concerns in their minds as the online marketplace has become more competitive. As per the Budget Trends in Industrial & Technology Marketing Survey conducted by, 45 percent of industrialists plan to increase their marketing budgets, with content marketing and lead generation being a key focus for most companies. Industrial marketing keeps changing and evolving.

Bots will be utilized much more widely in 2019. Smart technology guarantees that more and more can be done by a chatbot, thus better recognizing the customer's questions and intentions. Additionally, it will increase the adoption of chatbots. Customer service is an area where chatbots can make a strong impact. Chatbots can handle first-time customer contact or even complete cases. The service domain will continue to dominate over the coming years, according to Gartner. Chatbots will be used in 34 percent of the cases in the Customer Engagement domain. Not only through direct contact with the consumer, Bots will provide more service, but also through contact with other bots and systems.

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Analytics is a perfect introduction to marketing metrics, but presently more businesses are seeking to leverage their data as a sales tool rather than a measuring tool. Opportunity intelligence tools grant the company's industrial marketing a whole new meaning to analytics. Thomas WebTrax, a free tool for qualified businesses, enables website visitors to be identified and tracked through the purchasing process, reaping the benefits of any sales opportunity.

Voice search will proceed to be more prevalent in 2019, so expect more people to find the website by inquiring them to do it for Alexa or Siri. Instead of typing, more people talk to perform searches, which mean that searches are phrased differently.

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New tools remain to enter the market, with younger professionals taking on more significant roles and using online tools and information to make buying decisions. This will only continue to rise and decrease the chance to interact with buyers and influence them. By leveraging the online purchasing process, industrial marketing should focus on how to engage these buyers and influence purchasing decisions.

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