The Comeback of SMS Tactics in the Mobile Marketing Territory

By Marketing Tech Outlook | Friday, February 08, 2019

Mobile Marketing TerritorySavvy marketers are considering SMS marketing equivalent to email or social media promotion. Many have a say that SMS is a clumsy, and outdated form of communication. But sending promotional campaigns or transactional messages through SMS for marketing purposes is gradually becoming one of the most sophisticated mediums; it can be viewed as a supporting role that makes the brand stand out in comparison to its competitors. Personalized and strong messages can deliver positive experiences to the customers that can enhance customer engagement and sales.

Read on to find out how businesses can achieve the desired results from SMS marketing.

• SMS in a supporting role

SMS can support a business along with other marketing initiatives. Marketers can use the SMS strategy to attract loyal customers with in-app discount codes which will drive them to the app store for greater engagement. A message that encourages customers to spend a bit more to earn more rewards is becoming an increasingly popular tactic. The so-called-obsolete-technology can act as a quick and easy follow-up on ROI.

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• Tailor the SMS marketing

The advantageous factor of SMS is it doesn’t require the internet and can reach the targeted audience irrespective of their location. Apart from this, one has to pay close attention to the individual recipient’s profile as well as the regional SMS marketing conventions.

This is because different regions regulate SMS marketing differently. After comprehending the regional trend, one needs to ensure that the person reading and receiving the message must feel that they are being offered something entirely exclusive.

• Content-Rich communication

The modern customers’ demand content that is interactive and contains features like photos, videos, and live chat. Now, this is where ‘Chat’ comes into the picture, a Rich Communication Service (RCS) that enables one to expand their offerings by providing bulk text messaging that allows audio and video messages, mainly full-resolution multimedia and read receipt notification as well.

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