Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Thursday, November 14,2019

Feature of the Week

To keep pace with the programmatic advertisement space, advertisers will have to be even more customer-centric and sensitive in their approach to innovations.  Read more
AI’s incorporation in Hubspot software can be crucial in simplifying the customer’s journey and creating a better user experience.  Read more
As firms continue to get access to more customer data, the whole process of marketing must be streamlined with the help of the right lead management software.  Read more

CIO Viewpoint

By Curt Hilliard, CMO, DirectBuy  
The data reveals that there’s no need to wait to reach out to a new customer—in fact, customers that have just purchased a product or service of yours are more likely to be receptive to personalized and friendly marketing.  Read more
By Lillie Beiting, Director of Data, Impact Partnership, CMO, Adder Mobile Technologies  
Focusing your marketing activities to your ideal client’s demographics and geographic location is hardly a new concept to marketing, but the methods by which marketers can target have greatly expanded with digital marketing.  Read more

Featured Vendors

By Mike Dickerson, CEO  
Built within the Dynamics environment, ClickDimensions is exclusively designed marketing solution for Microsoft Dynamics. The company ensures success for marketers by combining multi-channel marketing automation technology with a wide variety of...  Read more
By John Copeland, General Manager  
DemandEngine is a marketing automation software and eCRM services company supporting higher education communication and enrollment management. The company aims to help students make life-changing decisions about their future via education....  Read more
By Kevin Boyce, CEO  
Higher Logic is a cloud-based engagement platform that helps in building a customer community and provides automated marketing solutions. Higher Logic’s data-driven approach gives organizations an expanded suite of engagement capabilities....  Read more

CXO Insights

By Paul Cowan, VP, Enterprise and SMB Marketing, Shutterstock  
Marketers are responsible for helping their respective businesses differentiate themselves in today's...  Read more
By Mark Bornstein, Vice President, Marketing, ON24  
And there are other reasons why marketers need to prioritize personalization. One great reason:...  Read more