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Architecting Enterprise Search Engines-That Deliver Value
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As the volume of information to be handled has surpassed expectations, in addition to taking desperate forms, it’s becoming a herculean task to pick out relevant information as per the requirement. Employees need to have ready access to data...

Integration Enables Omni-channel Experiences
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Bill Dyer, CTO & Head of Strategy, Alcatel-Lucent Motive

The buzz in customer care these days is about omni-channel experiences. With so many points of contact now available between customers and suppliers, every industry sector is looking for more effective ways to create a single, uniform,...

Leveraging Technology to Improve Customer Experience and Marketing Investment
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Jenny Watson, VP-Digital Marketing

Marketing has shifted fundamentally in the last few years away from traditional brand and media to digital media, ecommerce capabilities and data-driven decision making; this phenomenon has existed in the .com arena for more than 15 years but has...

A Cure for 'Infobesity': From Data Overload To Real-Time Insight
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Debra J. Bass, President, Global Marketing Services, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies [NYSE:JNJ]

Hyper-Focused on Building New Modern Marketing Muscles In the past five years, we’ve witnessed an extraordinary shift in how consumers experience brands thanks to the elevated role of technology enabling enhanced benefits,...

MMI Agency partners with AG to deliver marketing innovations to Global Brands
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HOUSTON, TX: MMI Agency, a conversation agency, is now a trusted partner of AG, provider of open source innovative data solutions. Through this partnership, MMI Agency will provide global brands a new means to maximize the value of their...

Ron Brooks Joins CBIG Consulting as VP of Strategic Consulting
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CHICAGO, IL:  Ron Brooks, a business strategist and specialist in market intelligence with over 20 years of experience, has joined CBIG Consulting as Vice President of Strategic Consulting. In this role, Ron will expand CBIG’s...

TextWik: Taking SMS Marketing to a New Level
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Kenneth Momanyi, Founder & CPO

A powerful SaaS provider of innovative cloud communications SMS, MMS, Voice messaging and integrated Email marketing software to organizations of all sizes to easily capture more leads, connect and engage with their...

Intouch Solutions: Optimizing CRM Strategy for Pharma Companies
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Faruk Capan, Founder & CEO

Offering CRM solutions for pharmaceutical and healthcare organizations to enable right message to right people and enhanced customer experience.

d50 Media Inc.: Acquisition Marketing Done Right
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Jay Haverty, President & CEO

Offers marketing services across SEO, Direct Response TV (DRTV), analytics, email marketing, search marketing, affiliate marketing, web-design, video content creation, and PR...

Tapjoy: Driving Higher Revenue for Mobile App Developers
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Steve Wadsworth, President & CEO

Offers Marketing Automation and Monetization Platform for mobile apps that drive deeper engagement and optimization of revenue from every user

eTrigue: Next-Generation Simple Marketing Automation Solutions
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Jim Meyer, Vice President & General Manager

Providing easy-to-use marketing automation solutions to help organization identify qualified leads and close more sales

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