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A Better Customer Experience with Augmented Reality
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Augmented Reality (AR) primarily enhances the physical world around us by overlaying virtual elements that include images, texts, videos, graphics or computer-generated sensory inputs and is seen through a device, most commonly via a HoloLens,...

Going Mobile: It's Now or Never
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Martin Berman, VP of Remarketing, InMobi

The mobile ecosystem has two distinct areas to consider: technologies that enhance and improve the consumer experience, and technologies that tie together all the behind-the-scenes data and engagement activities. Today’s leading brands use...

Augmented Reality: Revolutionizing Market Development
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Digital designing and graphics development have reached a place where people can view anything in the highest resolution through programming and an Augmented Reality (AR) glass at their service. As the name suggests, AR is programmed and presented...

Being at the Epicentre of the AR Movement
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Joanne Moretti, SVP & CMO, Jabil

As an enabler of accelerated innovation and global manufacturing, it’s especially exciting when you can influence both the development and the use of new technologies. Especially exciting is the activity we are seeing in the Augmented...

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