Future Trends to Enhance Customer Experience
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Modern day companies understand the necessity to enhance their customer experience. Earlier, companies were focused on customer service but the current trend is to improvise customer experience. Customers crave for personalized, frictionless...

Siemens Healthineers- Optimizing Operations In Laboratories
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Julia Abrams, Senior Director Global Solutions Marketing

Evolution of Workflow with Regard to Current Technological Trends The workflow landscape has evolved immensely over the years, particularly in the last decade. The major part of this involves recent healthcare trends like consolidation of...

Managing Customer Care in an Era of Digital Transformation
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Alpa Shah, Global VP of Digital Transformation, Frost & Sullivan

Improving Customer Experience is a Top Priority According to 74 percent of IT decision makers across major sectors and regions, customer experience management is one of the top three digital transformation investments today, and will continue...

Marketing Disruption: Role of the CIO
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Shirish Lal, COO and CTO, Harte Hanks

The last 5 years has seen a dramatic change in CMO’s engagement in technology decisions. From Gartner declaring the CMO will make more IT purchasing decisions than the CIO; to Accenture becoming the world’s largest digital agency; to a...

AI to transform Customer Service industry
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Automation of services has significantly improved with users around the world feeling the need to fulfill regular tasks quickly. Ordering a pizza, restaurant reservations, hotel room bookings and even making a clinic appointment is possible with...

New Year, New Opportunities? Marketing Automation Can Help Retailers With Mobile
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Marissa Tarleton, CMO, RetailMeNot

Mobile has spurred the most transformative shift that retail and marketing have seen in sometime. Marketers are now able to measure more directly what consumers are doing on smartphones as well as how their behaviors may inform decisions...

Selection and Alignment of Marketing Automation with Business Goals
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Tim Wagner, SVP & CMO, Envoy Mortgage

Marketing Automation is a broad subject, but essentially involves the process of utilizing software and technology to automate processes associated with marketing efforts. The landscape of competitors can be daunting to sort through with so many...

You're the Frog and Automation is about to Boil You
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Joe Fuller, VP & CIO, Dominion Enterprises

In an old parable a frog is placed in tepid water whose temperature is gradually and slowly raised to the boiling point. As the water gets warmer, instead of recognizing peril, the frog falls into a calm stupor and is boiled to death. If...

The Myths and Realities of Marketing Automation
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Dalal Haldeman, SVP, Marketing & Communications, Johns Hopkins Medicine

Marketing automation creates opportunities for organizations to dramatically focus the impact of their marketing and communications. While much has been written about how best to improve efficiency, target and service to customers, such assertions...

7 Benefits to Marketing Automation Your Business Needs to Thrive
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Brad Banyas, Founder & CEO, 366 Degrees by OMI

A business cannot survive without an effective marketing strategy. Regardless of how breakthrough the service is or how innovative the product may be, if it doesn’t target the right consumer, the business will never succeed. Marketing...

Harnessing the Power of Mobile through Marketing Automation
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Marissa Tarleton, CMO, RetailMeNot [NASDAQ:SALE]

Mobile has spurred the most transformative shift that retail and marketing have seen in some time. Marketers are now able to measure more directly what consumers are doing on smartphones as well as when and where they are engaging with a...

The Rise of the CIMO - and other operational managers assuming control of IT spend
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David Hatch, CMO, IANS

The rise and fall of CIO influence is real. Operational business leaders have now become the de-facto decision-makers regarding IT spend. In the spirit of full disclosure, I am now one of those operational business leaders–a CMO–and...

Allocadia Announces Allocadia Cloud Exchange to Enhance Marketing Performance
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Marketing Tech Insights

VANCOUVER, BC: Allocadia, developer of Marketing Performance Management software has come up with data integration framework, Allocadia Cloud Exchange to offer enhanced marketing services. The software has the ability to easily connect the company...

iContact Announces the Next-Gen Marketing Solution With iContact Pro
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Marketing Tech Insights

MORRISVILLE, N.C: iContact, email marketing software and service provider rolls out the next-gen email marketing platform christened iContact Pro. The advanced features of the software do not demand prior marketing experience. The features...

inMotionNow to Display New Way to Easily Manage Marketing Projects
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RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC: inMotionNow will exhibit their flagship product, the inMotion Workflow Automation Application at MarTech Conference and give marketing teams an all-in-one solution for getting advertising and promotional projects to...

DemandGen: Enriching the Digital Marketing Journey
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David Lewis, Founder & CEO

DemandGen guides marketing leaders in enterprise organizations along every step of their digital marketing journey, providing best practices and strategies to maximize ROI

Foster Web Marketing: Marketing Arsenal for Lawyers, Doctors...
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Tom Foster, Founder & CEO

Easily manage your website, traffic, leads, email marketing, reputation, social media, and local with DSS

Cintell: Customer-Centricity with Persona Insights
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Katie Martell, Co-founder & CMO

A SaaS platform enabling organizations to understand their customers and drive better sales and marketing.

MarketShare Masters: Push. Nurture. Close. Repeat.
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Loni Werner, CEO

A marketing company focused on push marketing (advertising), lead capture and marketing automation

Informz: Marketing Sophistication Made Simple
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Joe Tyler, President & CEO

Provides powerful email marketing platform, marketing automation tools and expert services to its clients

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