Customize and Communicate-Two Key Element to Success for Retailers
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Charlie Cole, Chief Digital Officer, VP, TUMI

Designing Verticalized System for 360-degree Customer View It’s easy to over complicate. Ultimately retail is divided by two lowest common denominators of data–at the product level and at the customer level. Product may be SKU or...

Eight Steps to Becoming a Data- Driven Organization
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Ashley Stirrup, CMO, Talend

In today’s fast-paced, global economy, it is generally understood that companies must become data-driven in order to remain competitive. In fact, a report from McKinsey Global Institute indicates companies that are...

Why Marketing and IT should be Very Close Friends
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Mike Linton, CMO, Farmers Insurance Group

It’s no secret that there has been dramatic change to business and most functional areas given the rise of analytics, the cloud and big data, but I would opine that two of the functions under some of the greatest pressure to constantly...

Stop Making it So Complicated
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Edward Nevraumont, CMO, A Place for Mom

Why do you have to go and make things so complicated? - Avril Lavigne, Complicated I had a friend in school who was always stressed. She was stressed about her grades. When she did well in school she was stressed about getting a job. When she...

Mobility: The Key to Customer Engagement
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Kevin Bishop, VP Enterprise Marketing Management, IBM

Mobile reached a tipping point in 2014. According to a recent Pew Internet Research Study, nine out of every 10 Americans have a mobile phone, with an increasing percentage of those being smart devices. As mobile usage soars, so does its role in...

Get Ready to Run Faster, Marketing
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Howard Kravitz, CMO, Winston & Strawn LLP.

IT is passing the baton as the next wave of digitization takes shape. It’s clear to many of us that the first great wave of digitization in the workplace has crested and pas sed. Most businesses are integrated into the 24/7 digital...

Piloting New Ways of Modern Marketing
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Chris Hummel, CMO & EVP, Schneider Electric

Evaluating New Initiatives and Programs Marketing doesn’t live in a vacuum. When it comes to evaluating and implementing new marketing initiatives and programs, the list of stakeholders and interested parties is endless: sales, IT,...

Today's Marketers Need to Shape Client Experience
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Brian Miske, CMO, KPMG

Issues Impacting Marketing Technology To get a better perspective on the issues impacting marketing capability, we need to look at the role that Marketing needs to play in organizations today. "It is critical to link marketing...

Leveraging New Technology for Effective Digital Marketing Program
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Fred Diaz, SVP, Nissan Sales and Marketing and Operations, U.S., Nissan North America

The weatherman with a good forecast used to be a car salesman’s best friend. Personally, I’ve added information technology guru to the list of top friends, and here’s why: to avoid being data rich and insight-poor. With...

Cadreon on Rocket Fuel to make Offline Data Digital
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REDWOOD CITY, CA: IPG Mediabrands’ trading desk Cadreon signs with Rocket Fuel, a programmatic buying platform, with the motive to push its cross channel results. Following up on this deal, Rocket Fuel is to enhance IPG Mediabrands’...

The Numbers Game: Showing Marketing ROI in Today's Digital, Data-Driven Economy
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Ken Ramoutar, VP, Global Solutions and Industry Marketing, Avanade

Today’s digital reality has created huge potential for marketers to find new creative ways to engage customers and bring them closer to the brand. However, according to McKinsey, the opportunity will be wasted if the CMO cannot articulate...

Faraday Launches Big Data Marketing Platform to Identify Customers for Big-ticket Purchases
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FREMONT, CA: Faraday, a cloud software company, unveils its innovative marketing platform that focuses on matching companies with families for big-ticket purchases. Faraday’s intuitive software allows users to visualize customers in real...

Bridging the Gap between Data Collection and Implementation
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FREMONT, CA: The whole mystery surrounding the Big Data seems to be unresolved till date. To deal with the humongous amount of information floating around and to come up with a blueprint of a strategy, seems rather too herculean and challenging a...

Enable Marketers to Explore Data Visually
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Jim Davis, SVP & CMO, SAS

Trends Impacting our Marketing Initiatives The forces of Big Data and empowered digital customers are impacting everyone’s marketing operations. At SAS we’re enriching our customer segment profiles by aggregating social media and...

Analyzing Customer Behavior in Real-Time
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Stephen Quinn, EVP & CMO, Walmart

Reset in Customer Expectation Alters Marketing I was brought up in the mass marketing world of Consumer Packaged Goods. The idea was to generate mass demand for products with broad appeal through advertising that reached the majority of the...

How Data Helps the CMO and CIO Collaborate
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Karen Quintos, SVP & CMO, Dell

Plenty of ink has been spilled over the potential conflict between Chief Marketing Officers and Chief Information Officers as companies race to harness new technologies to engage with connected consumers. But this tale of ‘us’...

Marrying Art and Science: How Big Data is Transforming Marketing
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Raja Rajamannar, CMO, MasterCard International

The explosive growth of data is ushering a new era in marketing, but not for the reasons so frequently cited. It’s not that data is new to marketing. It’s always been around. Rather, it’s the proliferation of consumer...

The Four Steps to Help a CIO Think like a CMO
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Marcella Shinder, CMO, Nielsen

Right now, the conversation in the marketing community is about leveraging Big Data for big insights, and part of this involves working more closely with the CIO. Likewise, information leaders are being urged to become more involved in the...

ERGO: Powering Relevant Customer Experiences With Smart Content
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John Hendricks, Founder & CEO

A next-generation marketing automation solution provider that creates hyper-individualized Smart Content experiences to drive real, needle-moving results. One of the top marketing automation solution providers, ERGO offers a flagship product...

Transiris: Transforming the Gamut of Marketing Process
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Silvian Centiu, CEO

Provides marketing automation services for clients using leading technologies from vendors such as IBM, Oracle, Adobe, Salesforce, and Microsoft

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