Analytics as a Game Changer in Customer Loyalty
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Analytics has become a key game changer for sector’s growth and customer experience and loyalty is just one of them. Companies strive towards gaining customer loyalty and invest hefty for developing growth strategies and with the advent of...

Four Exciting B2B Predictions For 2019
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B2B marketing is evolving faster than ever, and the credit goes to the changing expectations and the rising demands of the customers and also the maturation of marketing technologies. Therefore, it is quite evident that if an enterprise needs to...

The growing need of fluidity in post - CRM era
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How do you give the customer a wonderful experience? Is it easy? Business is always struggling to keep pace with the changing customer trends. Organizations are facing an increasing dilemma in handling their customers in accordance with their...

Email Innovation and its Implications for Email Service Providers
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Emails are reaching into an era of innovation. The recent acquisitions of Marketo by Adobe, Rebel by Salesforce, and Sendgrid by Twilio has provided circumstantial evidence that email-led innovation is at its peak. The email service providers have...

Demand Forecasting From the Hashtag World
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Sean MacCarthy, Global Head of Analytics and Store Segmentation, Claire's Inc.

The retail industry has traditionally piggybacked on customer loyalty data for the primary goal of targeted marketing—to define the consumer, based on previous purchasing behavior. The days of blast email marketing campaigns announcing the...

Three Advanced SEO Techniques to Double the Search Traffic
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Website content that fulfills consumer needs is a big part of SEO success, specifically in the banking sector. But it takes more than just good content to ensure that organizations rank high in Google’s search results. Effective SEO needs...

Artificial Intelligence vs. Machine Learning
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Amy Romero, CMO, CreativeDrive

The transformation of today’s media landscape moves at lightning speed, and the clamor for content has no end in sight. Each of these marketing strategies issue operational, logistic, and creative challenges on their own, but coupled...

B2C Marketing Strengths that B2B Firms could Adopt
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Proving ROI of marketing activities has become a big challenge for both B2B and B2C organizations. Delivering seamless customer experience across multiple channels is omnichannel marketing.  B2B business needs to break siloes between existing...

Playing the Best Hand and Reading the Table-The Modern Day Analytics Strategy
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Mike Berry, Head of Marketing Technology, Shutterfly, Inc.

How do you play poker? I recently sat down at a friendly poker game with a bunch of my neighbors. It turned out one of them had never played before. We walked him through all the rules, including that he started with two cards, called a...

Tech, Tech, Tech... Oops!
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Andrew Stief, VP and CMO, PGIM Real Estate Finance

The seductive allure of technology as the elegant solution to our business challenges is a chimera we have all chased at one point or another in our careers. We shouldn’t forget that technology vendors employ marketers that can weave...

Why Marketing Automation Unleashes True Creativity
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Jeremie Moritz, Brand & Digital Director, Absolut Elyx, Pernod Ricard

I have a game for you. In your next strategy meeting, tell your team you’re going to automate creative production. Then look at their faces. You should see a mix of blank and interrogative faces. Most people are afraid or suspicious of the...

Creating Marketing Strategies
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The term big data describes the large amounts of structured and unstructured data any business contains. Though businesses are collecting data in heavy numbers, 44 percent of B2C marketers are taking advantage of the vast resource which is helping...

The Transformation from Customer Centric ... to Customer Obsessed
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Jonathan Beamer, Chief Marketing Officer, Monster

Business leaders today love leaning into buzzwords: Big Data! Synergies! Omnichannel! They come and go, but one that we should all buy into, 100 percent of the time, is “customer centricity.” That’s because getting into...

To Transform Your Market, First Transform Your Marketing
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Chad Kartchner, Director Marketing & Product Management, Honeywell

Many companies expect digital transformation and innovation to drive growth in the future. There are many reasons a company might pursue digital transformation in the markets they serve: • Their existing product lines may not see future...

How To Use Artificial Intelligence To Refine Raw Data Into High-Performance Fuel
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Jim Iyoob, Chief Customer Officer, Etech Global Services

Gauging the degree of satisfaction or discontent your customers are experiencing with your products or services is a critical factor in preserving your bottom line. Statistics have shown that more than 90 percent of consumers will never complain...

Customer Data Platform: Leveling the Playing Field to Better Connect with Consumers
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Amit Jain, CEO and Founder, Bridg

Depending on how you look at it, the job of a marketer has gotten much easier, or much more difficult with the advent of technology, and the mining and organizational tools that come with it. On one hand, we’ve never had such vast amounts of...

Digital Signage: An Industry Reborn
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Mike Gamaroff, SVP of Channel Strategy, SITO Mobile

Outdoor Advertising is the oldest advertising medium. It’s been around for this long because of the perfect marriage of simplicity and effectiveness. It was easy to install and required no electronic or mechanical parts, yet it would have...

The Digital and IP Rise and Reign over Sports Broadcast
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Michael Davies, SVP-Field & Technical Operations, FOX Sports Media Group

IP technology in sports broadcast is increasing its stature in playing game-changing role in sports broadcast technology. While the largest sports broadcasts have been placing a growing reliance on IP to enhance and grow, the smaller broadcasts...

Welcome To The Digital Workplace
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Maria Porco, Vice President of Business Development, X2O Media

Enterprise visual communications solutions create a new way to work  The traditional office space is quickly disappearing, and in its wake is a horizon paved with a profusion of personal devices, new collaboration tools, and any-screen...

Leveraging MarTech for Customer Education
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Martijn Scheijbeler, VP Marketing, RVshare

We all want our customers to take certain actions: buy this, subscribe to this, and read this article. All actions that are purely driven by the intent of selling the business. But more and more we see companies actively going after another...

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