Textmunication Holdings, Inc. Builds For The Future With RCS
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PLEASANT HILL, CA - Textmunication Holdings, Inc. is engaged in the provision of mobile marketing solutions, rewards and loyalty programs. The firm is further opening its doors for developing Rich Communication Services (RCS) solution for...

Creating Undying Consumer Experience
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Scott Kellner, VP, Marketing, George P. Johnson Experience Marketing

Can you give us an overview of marketing automation? When I came to marketing automation world, few companies provided marketing automation software platform within their marketing organization. Businesses still looked at it as an e-mail...

A Bad Date: Are You Hiring Me, or My Rolodex?
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Warren Zenna, Founder & Principal, Zenna Consulting Group

A close friend and seasoned sales rep who was looking for a new gig seemed flustered and distracted during a coffee meeting last week. I asked him, ‘what’s on your mind?’ He shared a story: “I’m on an interview this...

Combating Organizational Financial Risks
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Cris Luce, CMO/CTO, Accuro AgriServices

The modern world is defined, in large part, by electronic communication and the massive storage and exchange of digital information. While the Internet and other systems allow companies to operate on a global basis and enable geographically...

One Company, One Team, One Solution- Salesforce
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Susie Brock, Director of Marketing, Salesforce Administers, 1st Family Mortgage

Marketing today is more complex than ever. Gone are the days of measuring success by whether or not the phone rings or just by assuming that if sales are up it is due to the marketing you did that month. There are just too many components that...

Being at the Epicentre of the AR Movement
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Joanne Moretti, SVP & CMO, Jabil

As an enabler of accelerated innovation and global manufacturing, it’s especially exciting when you can influence both the development and the use of new technologies. Especially exciting is the activity we are seeing in the Augmented...

You're the Frog and Automation is about to Boil You
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Joe Fuller, VP & CIO, Dominion Enterprises

In an old parable a frog is placed in tepid water whose temperature is gradually and slowly raised to the boiling point. As the water gets warmer, instead of recognizing peril, the frog falls into a calm stupor and is boiled to death. If...

B2B Marketing Targets the Business Buyer
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Juergen Brock, CMO, Fujitsu

Content marketing starts with the target audience—but the target is evolving. For example, the IT industry’s target audience was historically the IT manager and decision-maker, like the CIO. But over the past few years, with the...

The Machines that Make us More Human
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Andrea Reichenbach, Senior Director-Marketing Strategy, Acxiom

The discussion about cognitive computing, artificial intelligence and the impact these technologies will have on our daily lives will likely continue to make headlines for years to come. This, however, is not an article about machine learning....

Building Customer Loyalty through Personalization
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David Trice, CEO, ENGAGEcx

It is widely recognized that “hos­pitality” means the generous and friendly treatment of guests. For an industry that’s sole purpose is to be warm and welcoming, the generous and friendly spirit of hospitality is often...

Stop Making it So Complicated
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Edward Nevraumont, CMO, A Place for Mom

Why do you have to go and make things so complicated? - Avril Lavigne, Complicated I had a friend in school who was always stressed. She was stressed about her grades. When she did well in school she was stressed about getting a job. When she...

QuanticMind Achieves Record Growth in 2015
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REDWOOD CITY, CA: QuanticMind has completed another record setting year of sales growth, driven by 10.3 Mn US dollars Series A financing that it received last year. In 2015, the company achieved robust growth, posted record new subscriptions, and...

WEEGO Selects Driven Public Relations as Strategic Partner to Champion the Automotive and Powersports Industries
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COSTA MESA,CA: DRIVEN Public Relations, an international public relations and creative marketing agency, has announced it has been retained by Weego, innovator of portable jump starters that start your engine, charge your phone and fit in your...

With 'Recommended Templates' Sales Reps, Managers and Marketers to Woo New Leads and Close More Deals
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SAN FRANCISCO, CA: ToutApp, helps salespeople close more deals and increase productivity with the power of tracking, templates and analytics brings in Recommended Templates. Whenever a sales rep is set to email someone during the sales or...

SmartGuy's New Virtual Phone System Bypasses Caller ID
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FREMONT, CA:, a globalbusiness referral network, activates, a cloud-based virtual phone system. The solution offers businesses 800 numbers, which agglomerates automatically the topic of interest, marketing source and...

MMI Agency partners with AG to deliver marketing innovations to Global Brands
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HOUSTON, TX: MMI Agency, a conversation agency, is now a trusted partner of AG, provider of open source innovative data solutions. Through this partnership, MMI Agency will provide global brands a new means to maximize the value of their...

Fiksu Launches New Platform to Help Enterprises Reach Audiences
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BOSTON, MA: To help enterprises and extend its market, Fiksu, a data-fueled mobile marketing technology company, has launched Fiksu Mobile Audience Platform. Designed to categorize and connect specific audiences throughout the customer journey,...

MMI Agency Emerges as the Strategic Partner for The Sandpit
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HOUSTON, TX: MMI Agency, a dynamic conversation agency specialized in high-impact activations takes the role of a strategic partner in the U.S. for The Sandpit’s products to enhance the agency's client communications and digital...

Faye Business Systems Collaborates with Prove Providing Digital Marketing Solution
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WOODLAND HILLS, CA: Faye Business Systems Group, seller and developer of business software has announced a strategic alliance with Prove, full service digital-first marketing, analytics and technology agency. “We are committed to giving...

Belly Leverages its Loyalty Platform to Simplify Marketing Solutions
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CHICAGO, IL: Belly, a provider of loyalty platform, announces a comprehensive marketing suite, Belly Complete for retailers. Leveraging Belly’s customer loyalty solution, businesses can connect their offline customer with online marketing...

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