Welcome To The Digital Workplace
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Maria Porco, Vice President of Business Development, X2O Media

Enterprise visual communications solutions create a new way to work  The traditional office space is quickly disappearing, and in its wake is a horizon paved with a profusion of personal devices, new collaboration tools, and any-screen...

That Person Responding is Not a Person Anymore!
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Bennet James Bayer, Technologist, Board Advisor, Former Global CMO & VP Strategy with Huawei, Stealt

A few years ago Gartner predicted that by 2017 25 percent of online identities would be non-human and further that this number will triple by 2019. Chatbots, digital agents and Avatars are becoming a part of the enterprise digital transformation...

Bridging the Gap between Data Collection and Implementation
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FREMONT, CA: The whole mystery surrounding the Big Data seems to be unresolved till date. To deal with the humongous amount of information floating around and to come up with a blueprint of a strategy, seems rather too herculean and challenging a...

Tapjoy: Driving Higher Revenue for Mobile App Developers
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Steve Wadsworth, President & CEO

Offers Marketing Automation and Monetization Platform for mobile apps that drive deeper engagement and optimization of revenue from every user

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