How Digital Shopping Impacts Marketers' Considerations for E-Commerce
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Monique Acevedo, VP, Sports and Active Nutrition Brands, The Nature's Bounty Co.

Digital shopping trends are still emerging as research is collected on what shoppers are doing with their phones, what they will do and what they aren’t interested to do, what they want from digital shopping experiences, and what they expect...

4 Ways Computer Vision is Useful for Consumer Packaged Goods Companies
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Danielle Sauvé, Director, Customer Insights and Experience, Product Identification, Danaher Corporation

A woman visits a store and sees something interesting on the shelf. She wants to know more about the item, so she pulls out her smartphone, opens the Amazon Flow app and points the phone’s camera at the product. Within seconds, her phone...

Five Things I Wish Marketing Technology Vendors Understood
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Stacey Sayer, Global Head, Social & Digital Media, Advanced Energy [NASDAQ:AEIS]

As I write this, I’ve already taken a call with one vendor this morning and will take another later this afternoon. For those of us in marketing, this is a common occurrence. We are inundated by vendors offering to help make our...

Analyze and Harness the Power of Mass Amount of Customer Intelligence
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Liz Miller, SVP, Marketing, CMO Council

Engaging a Digitally Connected and Dependent Consumer How has the cloud impacted us? It is a terrific question… and a hard one to simplify in one post. The shift to the cloud has brought with it changes in how CPG brands...

Refined Path: Paving the Road for Seamless Omnichannel Customer Journeys
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Tom Quinn, Founder and Principal

A vendor-neutral consulting firm that specializes in helping organizations use CDPs to integrate data and engage customers most effectively

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