Merging DevOps and Marketing to Uplift businesses
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The advancement of the technologies has made it obligatory for developers and marketers to meet on a common platform. The platform of a conglomeration between software development and marketing drives organizations with speeding up software...

Four Exciting B2B Predictions For 2019
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B2B marketing is evolving faster than ever, and the credit goes to the changing expectations and the rising demands of the customers and also the maturation of marketing technologies. Therefore, it is quite evident that if an enterprise needs to...

B2B Lead Generation Game Changers of 2019
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The market is continually evolving, and customers are changing along with it. Marketers have to stay relevant and useful to the customers. It is essential to observe the market and pinpoint the latest marketing trends for an effective lead...

The growing need of fluidity in post - CRM era
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How do you give the customer a wonderful experience? Is it easy? Business is always struggling to keep pace with the changing customer trends. Organizations are facing an increasing dilemma in handling their customers in accordance with their...

Creating Undying Consumer Experience
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Scott Kellner, VP, Marketing, George P. Johnson Experience Marketing

Can you give us an overview of marketing automation? When I came to marketing automation world, few companies provided marketing automation software platform within their marketing organization. Businesses still looked at it as an e-mail...

Content Marketing Investment & ROI
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Clay Stobaugh, EVP & CMO, Wiley

Why invest in content marketing? A content marketing strategy helps well-informed consumers enter the sales process closer to a purchasing decision. As existing customers and prospects become more educated through content marketing, they...

Outsourcing Lead Generation for Survival
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As marketing funds continue to rise, businesses are endeavoring towards improving their capabilities in lead generation. Outsourcing lead generation will provide the ability to produce better revenue from marketing efforts. Cost efficiency is an...

Selling with technology: Is newer always better?
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Richard Gordon, CMO, SALMON Health and Retirement

We all know technological advances and how we view our business is changing at a rapid rate from day to day. Just when you think you have the most up to date customer relationship management (CRM) system or finally figured out how to measure...

Key Factors to Avoid Marketing Pitfalls
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The marketing-tech landscape in today’s world looks far more complicated than it ever did in the past. Vendors are contending for business opportunities across all layers of the platform stack, from marketing automation to advertising,...

Building a Customer Experience Digital Landscape through Self-Service Offerings within the Property & Casualty Insurance Industry
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Jeremy Pope, Senior Director of Consumer & Policy Services, Citizens Property Insurance Corporation

It is no secret consumers and organizations have created a rising demand over the years for self-service tools and technologies to improve efficiency and enhance convenience. In the late 1990’s, financial institutions were considered...

Customer Data Platform: Leveling the Playing Field to Better Connect with Consumers
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Amit Jain, CEO and Founder, Bridg

Depending on how you look at it, the job of a marketer has gotten much easier, or much more difficult with the advent of technology, and the mining and organizational tools that come with it. On one hand, we’ve never had such vast amounts of...

Leveraging MarTech for Customer Education
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Martijn Scheijbeler, VP Marketing, RVshare

We all want our customers to take certain actions: buy this, subscribe to this, and read this article. All actions that are purely driven by the intent of selling the business. But more and more we see companies actively going after another...

Guide to a Marketer's Future
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The world is a fusion of brands, people, technologies, and industries collaborating with one another promoting myriad purposes and objectives. All of these categories have one prevailing business element in common, marketing. Beginning with...

"Put that Coffee Down! Coffee's for Closers Only!"
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Allan Rahn, Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer, Blue C Advertising

It’s still all about the Leads. Alec Baldwin’s classic verbal sales meeting assault on Jack Lemmon in the 1992 film “Glengarry Glen Ross” might have less bearing in today’s world of sales automation than it did in...

Combining Big Data and Machine Learning For Precision-Targeted Marketing
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Every financial organization has increased its focus on big data analytics to maintain the edge in this era of information-based competition. On the other hand, face-to-face interactions with customers via traditional branch networks are declining...

AI for Smarter Sales
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Today, AI is reforming various business practices, and transforming the way processes occur through a combination of machine learning and deep learning techniques. With its potential, Artificial Intelligence in B2B sales and marketing is here to...

The Role of CMOs in Smart Marketing
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The marketing industry has transformed itself from being more creative and intuitive to being instrumental. The traditional marketing practices are not efficient because of the present age being more inclined toward conducting instrumentation with...

An ideal Gateway to Bring Brands Closer to the Customers
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John Sadowski, Executive Vice President & CIO, Sandy Spring Bank [NASDAQ:SASR]

1. Strong customer relationships and customer loyalty have proven to be key elements to successful businesses. What current trends do you see shaping customer experience management (CXM)? One of the trends shaping CXM is enabling clients to...

Great Experience is Equal Parts People and Technology
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Tish Whitcraft, CCO, OpenX

Technology can enable great experiences because it can allow people who are building a relationship to focus on just that-the relationship - instead of jumping from screen to screen and system to system. The idea around great tool and system...

The Growing Importance of Predictive Analytics
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For almost a decade, forward-thinking companies have been banking on big data to gather valuable insights that help them structure their business and marketing plans. As a matter of fact, business intelligence tools have become essential in...

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