Enhancing Customer Experience through AI
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Jason Maynard, VP, and GM at Zendesk Guide and Data Products

AI and the Evolution of Customer Experience Management (CEM) About 10 years ago, all business communications were done through email. Then, with the emergence of social channels such as Facebook and Twitter, it became progressively essential...

Dun & Bradstreet Embarks on New Ventures Addressing Emerging Businesses Requirements
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FREMONT, CA: Dun and Bradstreet, a provider of data marketing solutions for finance, sales and marketing professionals, recently announced a couple of ventures offering  the industry enhanced technology for improved data products and...

Audience Acuity: Identify. Target. Market.
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Riad Shalaby, CMO and Jeff Berke, CEO

The firm helps in customer identity management and recognition cross-channel, and even cross-device, at the scale of the U.S adult population

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