Architecting Enterprise Search Engines-That Deliver Value
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As the volume of information to be handled has surpassed expectations, in addition to taking desperate forms, it’s becoming a herculean task to pick out relevant information as per the requirement. Employees need to have ready access to data...

Welcome To The Digital Workplace
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Maria Porco, Vice President of Business Development, X2O Media

Enterprise visual communications solutions create a new way to work  The traditional office space is quickly disappearing, and in its wake is a horizon paved with a profusion of personal devices, new collaboration tools, and any-screen...

Data Governance Engagements: How to make Data Governance 'Sticky'
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Maggie Hubble, Director, Data Governance, Quicken Loans

Everyone has heard of it, but is everyone doing it? Data Governance is the act of governing your data or managing it with guidance. No matter who you are or what you do, data should be important to you! Let’s see if you can answer a few...

Data Science Employment for Intelligent Marketing
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Marketing is an organizational activity that enterprises can't afford to overlook if visibility and profitability are to be amplified. The recent times have witnessed an increase in enterprises adopting cutting-edge technologies for marketing...

IBM and Ensighten: Cracking the Code for Data-Driven Marketing
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Josh Manion, CEO, Ensighten

Today’s battle for the customer can be won or lost on a well-defined field: how well does the marketing team use valuable, first-party data to engage consumers and optimize their experience? Making sense of a trail of data generated across a...

Donning Multiple Roles to Lead the Business
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Dale Sanders, CIO, National Health System

Challenges in technology to meet enterprise needs in 2013 and expectations The challenges and wish list in brief: provide affordable, proven analytics solutions that will support my analytic strategy for at least the next five years. Enhance...

Leveraging Analytics in Marketing
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The information from Big Data is providing assistance in areas of promoting and deals. According to a Forbes Report 48 percent of the enormous information utilize cases exist for Customer Analytics, while only 21 percent for Operational Analytics....

ISO 9001- What Is in IT for me?
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Govind Ramu, Senior Director, Global Quality Management Systems, SunPower Corporation [NASDAQ:SPWR]

ISO 9001, an international standard for Quality Management System (QMS) requirements were revised on Sept 2015. This widely implemented standard has close to 1.2 million certifications worldwide. ISO 9001 requirements first released in 1987...

The Future of Content is NOW!
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Tanu Sood, Senior Principal Product Director, Oracle

The impact of digital disruption, the demands of the “Now” economy, and the rise of machine learning are transforming how business works. Customers, employees, and partners expect on-demand access to content and application services...

The New Consumerized Enterprise
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Brad Martin, Senior Director, Product Marketing, PRO Unlimited

There is a dramatic change happening in enterprise software design. The chasm between the consumer and enterprise experience is quickly closing. Enterprise users demand the same product experiences they have in their personal lives. New...

Driving Marketing Effectiveness through Collaborative Technologies
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Joanne Moretti, SVP & CMO, Jabil [NYSE:JBL]

1. How has your IT operating model changed during the last five years in the Marketing industry? The IT operating model relative to the marketing industry has become much more of a peer-to-peer partnership for us at Jabil. In fact, today, our...

7 Benefits to Marketing Automation Your Business Needs to Thrive
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Brad Banyas, Founder & CEO, 366 Degrees by OMI

A business cannot survive without an effective marketing strategy. Regardless of how breakthrough the service is or how innovative the product may be, if it doesn’t target the right consumer, the business will never succeed. Marketing...

It's Time for CIOs to Ask CMOs Some Tough Questions
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Shawn Douglass, President - Software & CTO, Unified

Functionally, the marketing department presents a new set of challenges for enterprise technology environments. Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) will spend more on technology than CIOs by 2017, according to Gartner, and some analysts predict that...

Amplifinity and Salesforce Automates Marketing-driven Referral Programs to Boost Customer Acquisition
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FREMONT, CA: Amplifinity, a provider of referral amplification software, launches Amplifinity Connector on Salesforce AppExchange, an enterprise apps marketplace to allow joint customers of Salesforce and Amplifinity to automate advocacy and...

Allocadia Announces Allocadia Cloud Exchange to Enhance Marketing Performance
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VANCOUVER, BC: Allocadia, developer of Marketing Performance Management software has come up with data integration framework, Allocadia Cloud Exchange to offer enhanced marketing services. The software has the ability to easily connect the company...

Reebonz and Birst Team Up to Make Retail Campaigns Smarter
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SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Reebonz luxury e-commerce retailer has collaborated with Birst, a Cloud BI and Analytics company to analyze its sales and marketing campaigns. Birst will collate the company’s data and provide solutions to its...

Teradata Chosen to Assist bonprix to Respond to Customer Needs
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FREMONT, CA: bonprix, a fashion retailer and a part of Otto Group, has enhances their relationship with Teradata, big data analytics and marketing application provider. bonprix have been working together with Teradata for number of years with...

Acronym: Intent-Based Marketing Innovators
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Anton Konikoff, Founder & Global CEO

Provides keyword driven marketing services and executes global search campaigns.

Pica9: SaaS for the Enterprise Pioneering a New Approach to Local Marketing
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Kevin Groome, Founder & CEO

SaaS local marketing automation for multi-location brands with CampaignDrive by Pica9

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