Using Data to Delight Customers
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Doug Allen, CIO, Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

If you offer Wi-Fi to your customers and it’s been a while since you upgraded your wireless infrastructure, it’s time to join the scores of businesses that are using data to better understand customer behavior in your organizations....

Vectors Partnership Gimbal; Bridges the gap between Digital and Physical Advertising
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FREMONT, CA: Media based company Vector announced its strategic alliance with Gimbal, a technology provider for mobile customer engagement and location solution. The partnership will upgrade Vector’s transit advertising network to corporate...

AdMobilize's AdBeacon to Replace Pay-per-click Concept to Pay-per-face
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FREMONT, CA: AdMobilize, a Miami based tech company marked its presence in the world of “Google analytics” unveiling its latest version 2.0 with its AdBeacon device. The product is aimed to accelerate market expansion and replace...

Adobe Unveils New Marketing Cloud solutions
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FREMONT, CA:  Signaling its intent to integrate technologies, Adobe unveiled two new Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions: Adobe Primetime, which is a multi-screen TV platform, and Audience Manager, Adobe’s data management platform. The...

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