Steps to Follow before Switching to DevOps process
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Digital processes have become a ubiquity in today’s business world. The demand for faster and efficient operations has forced enterprises to switch to digital platforms. The digital platforms have helped service providers to respond...

Strategies to Succeed in Mobile Marketing
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Mobile marketing involves activities correlated to selling, purchasing, and advertising of any products and services using mobile devices. The use of mobile in day-to-day life has resulted in the need for mobile marketing in business. The increase...

Tech, Tech, Tech... Oops!
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Andrew Stief, VP and CMO, PGIM Real Estate Finance

The seductive allure of technology as the elegant solution to our business challenges is a chimera we have all chased at one point or another in our careers. We shouldn’t forget that technology vendors employ marketers that can weave...

How Digital Signage Hardware & Software Decisions Made Today Will Impact Tomorrow
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Eric Lamb, Director of Publisher Solutions, Vistar Media

The digital signage industry is experiencing an exciting growth period at the moment, with the rising interest in “smart city” projects and a resurgence of advertiser interest in out-of-home. The digital out-of-home (DOOH) market is...

The MDM Ecosystem
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Sherri Adame, Enterprise Metadata and Master Data Leader | Chief Customer and Reference Data Governance Officer, Cigna

For the last two years I have been working on sound practical processes to govern data. That means creating an inventory of data by creating or harvesting the available metadata, and running unattended rules to ensure that metadata and data are...

Adapting to Digital Natives-Lenders Meet Millennials, and All Consumers, on their Terms
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Kamran Bakhtiari, VP, Marketing, loanDepot

The experience of homebuying–from financing to shopping to signing most of your docs–has experienced a digital transformation in recent years. And the evolution continues to touch even change-resistant phases of the process....

Marketing Disruption: Role of the CIO
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Shirish Lal, COO and CTO, Harte Hanks

The last 5 years has seen a dramatic change in CMO’s engagement in technology decisions. From Gartner declaring the CMO will make more IT purchasing decisions than the CIO; to Accenture becoming the world’s largest digital agency; to a...

Combating Organizational Financial Risks
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Cris Luce, CMO/CTO, Accuro AgriServices

The modern world is defined, in large part, by electronic communication and the massive storage and exchange of digital information. While the Internet and other systems allow companies to operate on a global basis and enable geographically...

Delivering an Elevated Customer Experience Requires an Agile Retail Technology Platform
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Perry Kramer, SVP & Practice Lead, Boston Retail Partners

Retailers that are thriving—and there are lots of them—anticipate and react to consumers’ demand for an enhanced and continuously changing retail experience. Retailers that have successfully anticipated the changing customer...

Customer Data Driving Success
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David L. Stevens, CIO, Maricopa County

Cross Roads in Data Integration The most challenging aspect of orchestrating and leveraging enterprise customer data is sorting out the rules and policy that govern ownership and privacy—establishing trust. Furthermore, having...

Using Data to Delight Customers
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Doug Allen, CIO, Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

If you offer Wi-Fi to your customers and it’s been a while since you upgraded your wireless infrastructure, it’s time to join the scores of businesses that are using data to better understand customer behavior in your organizations....

Right vs. Right Now: Real-Time Data, Security and the Customer Experience
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Tara Kelly, President & CEO, SPLICE Software

Today’s companies are focused on customer experience excellence as a key differentiation point in a competitive marketplace. To deliver an outstanding customer experience, marketing requires data, which means marketing professionals...

CIOs Lead the Paradigm Shift of How Businesses, Individuals Connect Worldwide
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Jan Geldmacher, President, Sprint Business [NYSE:S]

The world is experiencing an unprecedented paradigm shift from the physical to the virtual. Everything that can be connected will be, including people, places and things. This shift is at the center of business transformation worldwide and it is...

Customer Experience is the New Battleground for B2B Businesses
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Customer Experience Gets Prioritized in the Business Arena Great customer experience and satisfaction has played a pivotal role in retaining existing customers and getting new ones through reference. In comparison to the B2C world, the way B2B...

Creating Successful Partnerships with Customers Powered by Digital Transformation
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Sovan Shatpathy, CTO, Amtrak

Amtrak and its partners help move people, the economy, and the nation forward. We are focused on running an efficient and effective corporation to offer a better way to travel for America. In 2016, we had a record ridership of 31.3 million, the...

Training as agile as technology: A business requirement
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Milind Gurjar, Sr. Director & GM, Cisco [NASDAQ:CSCO]

Digital transformation is happening so quickly that in a recent survey by Gartner, half of all CEOs said they expect their industries to be unrecognizably transformed by digitization. Solutions and infrastructure that used to be hardware...

ISO 9001- What Is in IT for me?
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Govind Ramu, Senior Director, Global Quality Management Systems, SunPower Corporation [NASDAQ:SPWR]

ISO 9001, an international standard for Quality Management System (QMS) requirements were revised on Sept 2015. This widely implemented standard has close to 1.2 million certifications worldwide. ISO 9001 requirements first released in 1987...

A Customer-Centric Approach to Grid-Connected Distributed Energy Resources
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Rodger Smith, SVP & GM, Oracle Utilities [NYSE:ORCL]

Electric utilities—like all utilities—are in the service business. For many years, that was a straightforward, one-way delivery process: the utility provided electricity to its customers, and the customers paid the utility for the...

Marketing in the Personalization Era
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Scott Symonds, Managing Director, Media of AKQA Media

What do three of the top six largest companies in the world by market capitalization have in common? Personalization. Personalization as a Business Driver Google (Alphabet Inc.), Amazon, and Facebook all use personalization as a core...

The Future of Marketing: Creating 3-Dimensional Customer Profiles in an IoT Frenzied World
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Jeanine Banks, EVP, Global Products & Solutions, Axway

Consider that most of your customers are now smartphone users and that the average smartphone user interacts with their device over 150 times daily to send messages, view digital content and use social media, according to the Kleiner Perkins...

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