3 Ways Marketing Automation Enhances ROI
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Here's a detailed look at how users get an excellent return on investment from marketing automation. FERMONT, CA: Today's marketers look from an entirely new perspective at marketing automation, representing more than just supporting...

Top 7 Event Tech Trends to Explore
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Here is good news for event pros as event tech is all set to make event management easier. FREMONT, CA: Given the purpose of marketing is to attract customers, it makes sense that marketing events help brands do just that. Events definitely...

It's Time to Make Marketing Automation the Indespensible Component of Your Marketing Mix
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Chris Dunn, VP of Demand Generation & Customer Marketing , Dun and Bradstreet

Marketing automation has fundamentally changed how many companies engage with sales leads and nurture prospects. Leveraging relevant insights from data empowers successful businesses to move potential customers through the buyer’s journey...

Top 5 Content Marketing Trends for Marketers to Eye on
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In terms of content marketing, 2020 is expected to be an exciting year. There are many trends expected to rule in the days to come, and marketers can strategize content marketing well with them.      FERMONT, CA: With...

3 Market Attribution Trends Transforming Conventional Marketing
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Market attribution trends encourage marketers to explore new ways to achieve branding, campaigning, and customer experience. FREMONT, CA: Market attribution contributes to accelerating business revenue rates by focusing on various marketing...

The State of Marketing Measurement & Attribution
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George Musi, EVP, Marketing Sciences, Publicis One

As Bob Dylan once said, “The times they are a-chang in.” Today’s marketing landscape is evolving at an unprecedented rate, and the pace is accelerating. This, in turn, has resulted in severe fragmentation and diversity of the...

CIOs' Top 4 Practices for Successful Multi-Touch Attribution
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Digital-savvy CIOs are initiating strategic implementation of multi-touch attribution, allowing for improvised digital marketing tactics and higher revenue.       FREMONT, CA: The digital age marketers, with the ability to...

What AI Means to Customer Loyalty Marketing?
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With so many loyalty programs and memberships out there, how can marketers make their program stand out and surprise customers? The answer is in the hands of AI.   FREMONT, CA: Customer retention is top of mind for businesses. Loyal...

How AI Powers Digital Marketing?
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Due to its ability to derive meaning from unstructured data sets, AI seems tailor-made for the present digital marketing efforts.     FREMONT, CA: Artificial intelligence (AI) is already helping the industries across domains. AI...

7 Ways Startups Can Choose the Right Marketing Technology
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When adopting the right technology, it is vital for businesses to identify their pain points and determine which solutions can fill that gap. FREMONT, CA:The main components of kick-starting a business include robust business goals and the...

CRM: The Center of the Marketing Universe
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Som Puangladda, VP of Global Marketing, GumGum

As marketing trends and tactics have shifted over the years, CRM has held its ground to become the strongest foundational building block of a successful marketing team. My first experience with a CRM system was back in my tech sales days, where we...

Handling Marketing Attribution Challenges with ML
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The advancements in machine learning and natural language processing is assisting marketers with more effective and reliable attribution models. FREMONT, CA: Struggling with attribution is not a new challenge. According to a report, only one...

The Impact of Big Data on Event Management
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The integration of big data and analytics will enable marketers to achieve better insights from events. FREMONT, CA: The marketing sector has taken long strides in digitalization, employing robust tools and solutions to enhance their...

Streamlining Marketing Attribution with Machine Learning
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The incorporation of ML technology into marketing attribution enables organizations to streamline their operations and pave the way for marketing innovation. FREMONT, CA – Marketing attribution has helped organizations in assessing the...

What Impact does Big Data Analytics Have on Customer Loyalty?
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The incorporation of big data analytics is changing the marketing landscape, making it easier for business organizations to achieve lasting customer loyalty. FREMONT, CA – Big data analytics carry the promise of enhanced customer...

5 Prominent Mobile Marketing Trends
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With people more dependent on their smartphones than ever, mobile marketing has immense potential for businesses. FREMONT, CA: Marketers are always faced with the challenge of identifying and adjusting their marketing strategies according to...

AI Casting a Spell on Marketing Analytics
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With respect to marketing, AI has immense potential on three levels based on its functionalities: ML techniques, applied propensity models, and AI applications. FREMONT, CA: Artificial intelligence (AI) is permeating the industries across the...

Trajectory of Mobile Marketing
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Mobile marketing is targeting deeper and personalized engagement, which is also the current user expectation. FREMONT, CA: Marketers are increasingly stressing upon the importance of mobile marketing. Mobile is an evolving technology, with over...

Reconstructing the Content Marketing Practices with AI
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AI technology enables marketers to create an optimal content strategy with much more valuable information.   FREMONT, CA:  From a concept of development by Norbert Wiener to recognizing emotions in images by Microsoft, the progression...

AR is the Future of Mobile Marketing
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AR is augmenting brand value among the audiences with more lively ads and adding the fun factor. FREMONT, CA: Businesses are using augmented reality (AR) in innovative ways to gain an edge over the traditional ads. Many are also eyeing mobile...

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