Social Media Analytic Tools-Rewarding as well as Challenging
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The ubiquity of social media has changed the face of marketing landscape in terms of interacting and connecting with prospective buyers. Many enterprises today are indulged in strategizing social media marketing plan and creating relevant content...

Four Exciting B2B Predictions For 2019
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B2B marketing is evolving faster than ever, and the credit goes to the changing expectations and the rising demands of the customers and also the maturation of marketing technologies. Therefore, it is quite evident that if an enterprise needs to...

How Omnichannel and Multichannel Platforms Affect Customer Experience
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Technological advancements in the customer service sector will create a paradigm shift in the way customers and companies interact. Omnichannel is the buzzword for over five years and still, it is confused with Multichannel. Very few retailers...

Content Marketing Investment & ROI
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Clay Stobaugh, EVP & CMO, Wiley

Why invest in content marketing? A content marketing strategy helps well-informed consumers enter the sales process closer to a purchasing decision. As existing customers and prospects become more educated through content marketing, they...

B2C Marketing Strengths that B2B Firms could Adopt
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Proving ROI of marketing activities has become a big challenge for both B2B and B2C organizations. Delivering seamless customer experience across multiple channels is omnichannel marketing.  B2B business needs to break siloes between existing...

Marketing in the Invisible Layer
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Tod Szewczyk, VP, Director Emerging Technology & Innovation, Leo Burnett

Welcome to the invisible future. Here, we are perpetually surrounded by connected devices, from the 77 percent of us who own a smartphone to the 90 percent of us who own an IoT device. This boom in connected ownership has slowly created an...

Managing Customer Care in an Era of Digital Transformation
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Alpa Shah, Global VP of Digital Transformation, Frost & Sullivan

Improving Customer Experience is a Top Priority According to 74 percent of IT decision makers across major sectors and regions, customer experience management is one of the top three digital transformation investments today, and will continue...

How Tech is Changing Just About Everything in Marketing
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David Roman, SVP & CMO, Lenovo

Marketers today must be entrepreneurs. The days of agencies tinkering over a creative in the back room, nuancing every last detail for months on end, and then when it’s finally done, debuting it to the world in a grandiose way are long gone....

Experiential Marketing Makes All the Difference
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The excessive ad campaign penetration into the lives of consumers annoys them rather than creating a desire to purchase a product or a service of a company. To prevent such ads from being repeatedly displayed on the screen, customers use tools...

Key Factors to Avoid Marketing Pitfalls
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The marketing-tech landscape in today’s world looks far more complicated than it ever did in the past. Vendors are contending for business opportunities across all layers of the platform stack, from marketing automation to advertising,...

Companies Are Realizing the Importance of Customer Success
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Carina Edwards, SVP, Customer Experience & Corporate Development, Imprivata

Strategies for growth in today’s market must contemplate more than top-and bottom-line growth goals—they must ensure that their customers consistently achieve value. After all, a customer who sees value in your product or services...

Digital Signage: An Industry Reborn
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Mike Gamaroff, SVP of Channel Strategy, SITO Mobile

Outdoor Advertising is the oldest advertising medium. It’s been around for this long because of the perfect marriage of simplicity and effectiveness. It was easy to install and required no electronic or mechanical parts, yet it would have...

Making the Case for Digital Signage: ROO vs. ROI
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Earl Naegele, Managing Director, Commercial Sales, Peerless-AV

Digital signage is growing in tandem with technological advancements and changes in communication styles and processes. In this day and age, the expectation is that fresh information is readily available and information shared via digital signage...

How To Buy Great Digital Signage
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Frank Kenna, CEO, Marlin Company

More and more managers are realizing that there must be a good way of communicating to all employees across their enterprise using visual digital technology. And they’re right, there is. Over the last 5-6 years the use of flat display...

The Art of Improving Customer Experience
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Sherif Mityas, Chief Experience Officer, TGI Fridays

Customer Experience has become a hot topic covering every touch point and journey map to capture, engage, and retain a Brand’s most important asset – its customers! The issue is that every experience is unique, personal, and...

Marketing in a time of great change
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Ajit Sivadasan, VP & GM, Lenovo

We are arguably in an era of marketing that is at a historical high in terms of uncertainty, change, and excitement created by advances in technology and an evolving demographic. Customer expectations have increased exponentially thanks to the...

The Voice Revolution and How It Changes Business
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Duane Forrester, VP, Yext

The biggest transformation in digital marketing over the last decade is underway right now—the shift in data retrieval, specifically involving voice and AI. The growth of mobile (and smartphones, specifically) led to the explosion of online...

An Era of Social Media Optimization (SMO) Is Ahead: What Can We Expect in 2018?
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Yuval Ben-Itzhak, CEO, Socialbakers

The debate brands are having around social media marketing is no longer about its value, but about maximizing the results and finding the route to success in an environment where the increase in demand for ad space is outpacing the supply of the...

Integrating AI in B2B Marketing Can Scale your Business
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In recent times, technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and predictive analytics have become popular buzzwords in the B2B domain. After observing the impact these tech innovations made in IT, healthcare, fintech...

Understanding the True Potential of E-Mail Marketing
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Today, content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) play a pivotal role in the marketing arena. Organizations invest an influx of money into strategizing and producing high-quality content to drive more revenue. However, to have a strong...

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