Email Innovation and its Implications for Email Service Providers
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Emails are reaching into an era of innovation. The recent acquisitions of Marketo by Adobe, Rebel by Salesforce, and Sendgrid by Twilio has provided circumstantial evidence that email-led innovation is at its peak. The email service providers have...

The Top B2B Content Marketing Trends In 2019
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Melissa Garcia, Director of Marketing, Streampage

As that elusive number one spot on Google continues to slip out of reach, content marketers may need another game plan to reach their customers. Trying to be the brightest, shiniest needle in order to stand out in the haystack isn't...

Outsourcing Lead Generation for Survival
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As marketing funds continue to rise, businesses are endeavoring towards improving their capabilities in lead generation. Outsourcing lead generation will provide the ability to produce better revenue from marketing efforts. Cost efficiency is an...

Tech, Tech, Tech... Oops!
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Andrew Stief, VP and CMO, PGIM Real Estate Finance

The seductive allure of technology as the elegant solution to our business challenges is a chimera we have all chased at one point or another in our careers. We shouldn’t forget that technology vendors employ marketers that can weave...

An ideal Gateway to Bring Brands Closer to the Customers
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John Sadowski, Executive Vice President & CIO, Sandy Spring Bank [NASDAQ:SASR]

1. Strong customer relationships and customer loyalty have proven to be key elements to successful businesses. What current trends do you see shaping customer experience management (CXM)? One of the trends shaping CXM is enabling clients to...

The Era of AI-Powered User Interfaces
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Multiple domains within the industry are eager to adopt the artificial intelligence (AI) today. PwC in one of its reports, expects that the worth of AI and its applications to exceed $15 trillion, by the year 2030. Much is being said about the use...

One Company, One Team, One Solution- Salesforce
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Susie Brock, Director of Marketing, Salesforce Administers, 1st Family Mortgage

Marketing today is more complex than ever. Gone are the days of measuring success by whether or not the phone rings or just by assuming that if sales are up it is due to the marketing you did that month. There are just too many components that...

Marketing in the Personalization Era
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Scott Symonds, Managing Director, Media of AKQA Media

What do three of the top six largest companies in the world by market capitalization have in common? Personalization. Personalization as a Business Driver Google (Alphabet Inc.), Amazon, and Facebook all use personalization as a core...

Marketing in Today's Omni-channel Reality: The Personalized Consumer Experience
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Antonio Sciuto, EVP of Brands & CMO, Nestlé Waters North America

In today’s omni-channel reality, people expect a seamless experience from brands across all touch-points, online and offline. This approach transcends multi-channel retailing to connect the web, mobile, and brick-and-mortar channels into a...

How the CIO can Help the CMO Succeed
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Ricky Joshi, CMO, Saatva

Successful e-commerce marketing is a technology dependent endeavor. Those who are ahead of the curve give themselves an advantage that results in more customers, and often happier customers. In turn, the core decisions you make to build and run...

Driving Marketing Effectiveness through Collaborative Technologies
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Joanne Moretti, SVP & CMO, Jabil [NYSE:JBL]

1. How has your IT operating model changed during the last five years in the Marketing industry? The IT operating model relative to the marketing industry has become much more of a peer-to-peer partnership for us at Jabil. In fact, today, our...

How to Get the Most Value out of Your Digital Assets
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Alexander Zaky, Head-Experience Design, Synechron

Whenever I meet with the CMO or a senior marketing executive in a financial institution, the million-dollar question comes up: Can you marry what our end users want with our business and technology strategy for an end-to-end, real-time view of...

Truly Autonomous AI Not Practical for Most Businesses
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Scott Horn, CMO, [24]7

On the heels of 2016’s announcements of Salesforce Einstein, Facebook Messenger chatbots and the new Partnership on AI launched by the biggest names in tech, many believe that Hollywood dreams of human-like machines will become reality...

7 Benefits to Marketing Automation Your Business Needs to Thrive
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Brad Banyas, Founder & CEO, 366 Degrees by OMI

A business cannot survive without an effective marketing strategy. Regardless of how breakthrough the service is or how innovative the product may be, if it doesn’t target the right consumer, the business will never succeed. Marketing...

From Madmen to Modern Marketers
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Clay Stobaugh, EVP & CMO, John Wiley and Sons [NYSE: JW.A]

The age of the Madison Avenue man or aptly named “Madmen”, once they became television entertainment  themselves, focused on brand positioning and “unique selling propositions”. Television was the medium of maximum...

It's Time for CIOs to Ask CMOs Some Tough Questions
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Shawn Douglass, President - Software & CTO, Unified

Functionally, the marketing department presents a new set of challenges for enterprise technology environments. Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) will spend more on technology than CIOs by 2017, according to Gartner, and some analysts predict that...

The Rise of the CIMO - and other operational managers assuming control of IT spend
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David Hatch, CMO, IANS

The rise and fall of CIO influence is real. Operational business leaders have now become the de-facto decision-makers regarding IT spend. In the spirit of full disclosure, I am now one of those operational business leaders–a CMO–and...

With 'Recommended Templates' Sales Reps, Managers and Marketers to Woo New Leads and Close More Deals
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SAN FRANCISCO, CA: ToutApp, helps salespeople close more deals and increase productivity with the power of tracking, templates and analytics brings in Recommended Templates. Whenever a sales rep is set to email someone during the sales or...

Amplifinity and Salesforce Automates Marketing-driven Referral Programs to Boost Customer Acquisition
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FREMONT, CA: Amplifinity, a provider of referral amplification software, launches Amplifinity Connector on Salesforce AppExchange, an enterprise apps marketplace to allow joint customers of Salesforce and Amplifinity to automate advocacy and...

Allocadia Announces Allocadia Cloud Exchange to Enhance Marketing Performance
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VANCOUVER, BC: Allocadia, developer of Marketing Performance Management software has come up with data integration framework, Allocadia Cloud Exchange to offer enhanced marketing services. The software has the ability to easily connect the company...

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