Three Advanced SEO Techniques to Double the Search Traffic
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Website content that fulfills consumer needs is a big part of SEO success, specifically in the banking sector. But it takes more than just good content to ensure that organizations rank high in Google’s search results. Effective SEO needs...

Data Science Employment for Intelligent Marketing
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Marketing is an organizational activity that enterprises can't afford to overlook if visibility and profitability are to be amplified. The recent times have witnessed an increase in enterprises adopting cutting-edge technologies for marketing...

Impact of Data Science over the Marketing Sector
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Marketers find out the success of their decisions via data scientists, who use data points and trends in strategizing content, analyzing it to meet the requirements and measure the outcome. • As data science insights are connected to...

Aisle Rocket Studios: Data-Driven, Brand-Centric Marketing Ecosystems
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Kashif Zaman, Chief Digital Officer, Aisle Rocket Studios

Aisle Rocket Studios offers success models to CMOs and CIOs using principles of modularity and hyper-customization All Eyes on the CMO + CIO Partnership Enterprises across the industry are hoping for their CMOs and CIOs to partner in...

In a World of Digital Tools and Data Analysis, How Does Creativity Rank?
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Michael Mendenhall, CMO & Chief Communications Officer, Flex [NASDAQ:FLEX]

Impact on Time to Market In the modern business environment, time to market is a critical success factor, more so than ever before. Much of this increasing velocity is credited to creativity and rapid innovation, but digital tools and data...

Eight Steps to Becoming a Data- Driven Organization
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Ashley Stirrup, CMO, Talend

In today’s fast-paced, global economy, it is generally understood that companies must become data-driven in order to remain competitive. In fact, a report from McKinsey Global Institute indicates companies that are...

Marrying Art and Science: How Big Data is Transforming Marketing
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Raja Rajamannar, CMO, MasterCard International

The explosive growth of data is ushering a new era in marketing, but not for the reasons so frequently cited. It’s not that data is new to marketing. It’s always been around. Rather, it’s the proliferation of consumer...

Marketing Programs Unaligned with IT strategies are Futile
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Raj Midha, VP, Merry Maids

Customer Centric Approach Start with your customers (what they want) and your core competencies (what your company is great at doing), then figure out the best way to communicate your competencies to your customers. If you start with tools or...

Tableau Software: Understanding Data Made Easy
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Adam Selipsky, President & CEO

Tableau helps organizations unleash the power of their data through visual analysis

Nepa: Reinforcing Sales with Superior Customer Experience
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Ken Peterson, Managing Director

Combining customer experience with data science to derive insights for effective and actionable decisions at the top and front level

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