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Merging DevOps and Marketing to Uplift businesses
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The advancement of the technologies has made it obligatory for developers and marketers to meet on a common platform. The platform of a conglomeration between software development and marketing drives organizations with speeding up software...

How To Buy Great Digital Signage
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Frank Kenna, CEO, Marlin Company

More and more managers are realizing that there must be a good way of communicating to all employees across their enterprise using visual digital technology. And they’re right, there is. Over the last 5-6 years the use of flat display...

Data Governance Engagements: How to make Data Governance 'Sticky'
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Maggie Hubble, Director, Data Governance, Quicken Loans

Everyone has heard of it, but is everyone doing it? Data Governance is the act of governing your data or managing it with guidance. No matter who you are or what you do, data should be important to you! Let’s see if you can answer a few...

Reshaping Customer Management
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Christopher Higgins, CIO, Technology Delivery and Infrastructure Services, U.S. Bank [NYSE:USB]

As Chief Information Officer of Technology and Operations Services at U.S. Bank, you might expect me to care most about technology and operations business processes for the successful delivery of technology. While these are certainly critical...

Vetting a Consumer Activation Platform? Use this Guide
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Susan Frech, Co Founder and CEO, Social Media Link

Chances are your company’s Marketing team is investing in consumer activation—strategies that inspire consumers to act on behalf of the brand and influence others to use it. According to an Association of National Advertisers study,...

Airpush: Data Powered Mobile Advertising
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Asher Delug, Founder & CEO

Winner of the DataWeek “Top Innovator in Advertising Data” award, Airpush is a worldwide leader in digital advertising solutions. Forbes recognized it as one of America’s “Most Promising Companies.” The company has powerful platforms...

Tapjoy: Driving Higher Revenue for Mobile App Developers
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Steve Wadsworth, President & CEO

Offers Marketing Automation and Monetization Platform for mobile apps that drive deeper engagement and optimization of revenue from every user

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