Future Trends to Enhance Customer Experience
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Modern day companies understand the necessity to enhance their customer experience. Earlier, companies were focused on customer service but the current trend is to improvise customer experience. Customers crave for personalized, frictionless...

Siemens Healthineers- Optimizing Operations In Laboratories
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Julia Abrams, Senior Director Global Solutions Marketing

Evolution of Workflow with Regard to Current Technological Trends The workflow landscape has evolved immensely over the years, particularly in the last decade. The major part of this involves recent healthcare trends like consolidation of...

4 Ways Computer Vision is Useful for Consumer Packaged Goods Companies
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Danielle Sauvé, Director, Customer Insights and Experience, Product Identification, Danaher Corporation

A woman visits a store and sees something interesting on the shelf. She wants to know more about the item, so she pulls out her smartphone, opens the Amazon Flow app and points the phone’s camera at the product. Within seconds, her phone...

Things to know about Marketing Analytics
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In today's time of multi-dimensional marketing techniques, where marketers ensure that companies market their products on several mediums like websites, social media, channel communications. Judging the success of a marketing campaign is of...

Making Sense of the MarTech Mess
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Jenn Chick, Vice President, Marketing Execution & Operations, Hilton Worldwide

It is Monday morning, I login to my email, I already have 20 messages awaiting my attention, and the day is only just beginning. Among these are three solicitations from vendors on how “they can revolutionize my marketing engine” or...

Toshiba-Elevates & Personalizes Customer Experience
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Bill Melo, Chief Marketing Executive, Toshiba America Business Solutions

Today, everyone expects the interaction with a smart device to be an intuitive, engaging, and personal experience. We have all grown accustomed to intuitive, game-like apps that are simple to use and quick to master. This expectation was...

Donning Multiple Roles to Lead the Business
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Dale Sanders, CIO, National Health System

Challenges in technology to meet enterprise needs in 2013 and expectations The challenges and wish list in brief: provide affordable, proven analytics solutions that will support my analytic strategy for at least the next five years. Enhance...

How Sales and Service Strategies for the Digital Customer are Shaping IT Buying Considerations
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Dave Nelson, SVP-Portfolio Lead, Avanade, Inc.

As many leading enterprises begin–or continue–their digital journey, two focus areas tend to emerge on the priority list: customer sales and service. Industry analysts, consultants and companies themselves continue to identify...

Facilitating Health Care with Advanced Marketing Solutions
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Robert Sahadevan, Enterprise VP Consumer Marketing and Data, Humana

Every industry can benefit from the technological capabilities that are emerging. In health care, it’s just starting. This includes the ability of the health care systems to make more information available to patients so that they can be...

Ensuring High Quality Communications and Marketing Consistency
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Amy Scissons, Head of Global Marketing, Moody’s Analytics

Strategic Direction for Business Goals We start with the business objectives and sales goals for the year. Once we have an idea of our strategic direction, we build our marketing initiatives and dive into channel assessment. Depending upon our...

The Future of Content is NOW!
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Tanu Sood, Senior Principal Product Director, Oracle

The impact of digital disruption, the demands of the “Now” economy, and the rise of machine learning are transforming how business works. Customers, employees, and partners expect on-demand access to content and application services...

How to Get the Most Value out of Your Digital Assets
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Alexander Zaky, Head-Experience Design, Synechron

Whenever I meet with the CMO or a senior marketing executive in a financial institution, the million-dollar question comes up: Can you marry what our end users want with our business and technology strategy for an end-to-end, real-time view of...

Social Intelligence Stack
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Rebecca Carson, Global Director of Research Services, Brandwatch

Go beyond social listening - incorporate the full social intelligence stack into your research workflow Your company has just devised a plan to integrate social consumer insights into the research mix. But now what? While most CMI professionals...

The Global Marketing Dilemma: To Localize or Not to Localize
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Richard Harpham, President & CEO, Cloudwords

Thanks to increased accessibility to the Internet, the proliferation of mobile devices and the escalation of digital marketing, the world is connected and information is at our fingertips anytime, anywhere. As the global buyer’s journey...

Advertising Software from Newscycle Redefines the Marketing Campaigns
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FREMONT, CA: Advertisements often referred to as the nervous system of the business world has got all the more flashy and capturing with its social media wing. Fueling the engine of marketing, Newscycle has released a new advertising software that...

All New Hiked ComplianceMax Ad Review Module for Sound Management of Ads
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LAKEVILLE, CT: In today’s enterprise world, advertising strikes a pivotal chord in the success, as it is somewhat directly proportional to the sales of the product. But with the growth of advertisement strategy, there is also a demand for...

With 'Recommended Templates' Sales Reps, Managers and Marketers to Woo New Leads and Close More Deals
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SAN FRANCISCO, CA: ToutApp, helps salespeople close more deals and increase productivity with the power of tracking, templates and analytics brings in Recommended Templates. Whenever a sales rep is set to email someone during the sales or...

Synthesio Integrates with Hootsuite to Bring Powerful Social Relationship Management Capabilities to Enterprises
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NEW YORK, NY: Synthesio, a social intelligence and social listening platform, collaborates with Hootsuite, a platform for managing social media. This integration allows marketers to listen, analyze and strategically engage and respond with...

Miscalculating the Cost of Waiting
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Tracy Lemoine, SVP & CMO, XTRAC Solutions, a Fidelity Investments Company

Generally speaking, it’s not hard to convince people of the value of preemptive action. Most readily understand that it’s better to get your teeth cleaned regularly than to wait until you need dental surgery. Few will dispute you need...

Vectors Partnership Gimbal; Bridges the gap between Digital and Physical Advertising
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FREMONT, CA: Media based company Vector announced its strategic alliance with Gimbal, a technology provider for mobile customer engagement and location solution. The partnership will upgrade Vector’s transit advertising network to corporate...

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